Change Name on Delta Flight Ticket-A Complete Process to Edit Name

The Delta reservation holders should ensure that they have a correct name entered on the passenger details page of the flight reservation that matches the travel documents. As per Delta Airlines travel regulations, the first and last name must be similar to the government-approved identification cards the person offers while checking in for their flight. In case of any issues with the name on your Delta flight ticket, you must amend the same prior to check-in. There are many conditions when a reservation holder would like to change the name, and for that, different means and policies are available, which you will find in this context. 

Policies for name change on a flight ticket name at Delta 

The policies which Delta has imposed for the change of name on a reserved ticket are as follows:

  • The passenger details window for a name change will be open from the time of reservation until 20 minutes before the scheduled departure.

  • Name correction of up to 4 characters is allowed by Delta on the originally entered passenger's name, and the whole name can not be changed to transfer the ownership of the reservation.

  • A person who has legally changed their name can apply for the full name change on their reservation with Delta Airlines by providing the original documents. 

  • For the name amendment, valid proof of ID must be shared at the time of the name correction request.

  • A name change fee might be imposed by Delta on the basis of fare conditions and the requirement of changing the name. 

Different means for the name change at Delta 

1. Official Website

All the persons who booked tickets directly with Delta are obligated to access the ticket details on the official website right after the reservation. The website will allow editing on the passenger details page that one can use to correct the name.

How to change name on flight ticket Delta?-

A detailed guide on changing name through the official website is given below:

  • Go to the official page of Delta on your web browser,

  • There, you can open the "My Trips" section.

  • Enter the necessary ticket details,

  • The reservation information will immediately load on your screen,

  • After that, Edit passengers info option followed by the name change,

  • Make the amendments as required,

  • Attach a valid file on the available page,

  • Pay the change name fee if applicable to your ticket,

  • Next, the name on your Delta reservation will be changed. 

2. Customer Support 

Delta customer support is known for timely assistance with any requirements. So, if you are looking to avail the name change service from an official person at Delta, you are obligated to contact customer support whenever you want. The suitable procedure you should follow in order to change name on Delta with the help of customer support is given below:

  • You must contact Delta customer support at the following number: 1800-221-1212,

  • Afterward, you can avail an official on your call suitably following the IVR.

  • To the official person, you need to share your ticket details and request for the name change,

  • The person will check your ticket's eligibility and let you know the conditions and the charges,

  • Provide the details as the Delta official needs them, and in some time, the name change procedure will be completed. 

Can you change the name on a plane ticket with Delta?

Yes, a person is liable to make changes on a plane ticket with Delta till they meet the provided conditions of the name change. They can very easily access the passenger's details to make the needed changes on the ticket but will not have permission to transfer the reserved ticket to another traveler as per the policies. 


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