What is the difference between Qantas and QantasLinks?

QantasLink is a regional subsidiary brand of the national airline of Australia, Qantas. Qantas link operates routes the bigger Qantas planes cannot operate profitably. Passengers who travel with these airlines will notice little difference between the two brands. Some more additional features of Qantas are inflight WiFi and business class across all its aircraft. But few aspects are common between Qantas and QantasLink, such as crew uniforms and catering. There are several differences between Qantas and Qantas links. To learn about these differences, read the information mentioned in the article.

Qantas vs Qantas Links- Different fleets and different routes

Qantas Qantas links
Qantas usually uses Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A330 for flying around Australia. Passengers will mostly find themselves on these aircraft. The primary route that Qantas flies is between Australia's capital cities and a few vital regional airports (for example, Launceston, Alice Springs, Cairns, and Gold Coast). Connecting Australia's many small cities and towns to the larger Qantas ports is the primary role of Qantas Links. Airbus A320s, Boeing 717s, Fokker 100s, and Bombardier Dash 8s are some of the QantasLink own fleet of planes. The variety of aircraft sizes enables QantasLink to rightsize planes to particular markets. Mainly but not exclusively, the Airbus A320 and Fokker 100 aircraft focus on charter and fly-in-fly-out work.

Qantas vs Qantas Links- Differences emerge when digging past the surface.

Qantas Qantas Links
Qantas has its planes. The Qantas itself owns the majority of its aircraft, and it hires staff to operate and maintain them. However, some aircraft, such as the Jetconnect subsidiary and Qantas Boeing 737-800s, are on lease. 46 Airbus A320-200s and a pair of A321-200s are some aircraft that QantasLink operates.

Getting a handle on QantasLink can be more challenging than the mainline Qantas brand because of the QantasLink myriad of operators and corporate entities. In bringing the two brands together, the Qantas group has performed exceptionally great. Because both the brands have identical livery, the passengers do not see any much difference. 


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