What is the size of carry-on luggage for Alaska Airlines?

Suppose you have made a flight reservation with the airline and want to get information about the baggage that you can carry on the flight; then you can read the Alaska Airline baggage policy for your information. If you need any help, customer service is also available to guide you through the process and assist you with the problem. Go through the given points to learn about the carry-on baggage policy:

  • The size of the luggage should not exceed (55cm * 35 cm * 22 cm). 

  • The carry-in baggage has to be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.

  • The airline provides one free carry-on baggage to each passenger and two free bags for passengers with Business and First class tickets.

Alaska Airline Baggage Policy

The airline also allows you to carry checked baggage and special baggage. If you want to know about the weight limit and the policy for these items, then follow through with the given information:

Checked Baggage -Alaska Airlines allows one free checked baggage for Business class passengers and Two free checked baggage for First Class passengers. These baggage are kept in the cargo hold of the aircraft. The following are the points from the checked baggage policy of the airline:

  • 50 lbs is the maximum limit for checked baggage.

  • The checked baggage dimension allowed by the airline is not more than 62 linear inches.

  • First baggage charges are $30, second baggage charges are $40, and $150 for three or more baggage.

  • If the baggage is overweight or oversized, then the passenger has to pay extra charges.

Special Baggage - You can also carry any special item like a musical instrument, sports equipment, or fragile item with you. The airline also waives the fee for a few special items; if you want to know about these items, then get to the official website. Below are mentioned the policy for special baggage on Alaska Airlines:

  • The passenger can carry any special item with dimensions not more than 45 linear inches.

  • If the item exceeds the dimension or the weight, then it will be counted as checked baggage, and special charges will apply.

  • $100 will apply for items weighing more than 50 lbs, and no passenger is allowed to carry more than 165 lbs.

  • Items with dimensions between 63 to 150 inches will be charged with $150.

What items are not allowed to carry in the baggage on Alaska Airlines?

  • Any camping equipment such as Propane heaters, camp fuel cylinders, flammable liquid, etc.

  • Explosives like fireworks, sparklers, signal flares, and gunpowder.

  • Lithium Batteries can be carried in the carry-on bag but not in the checked-in bag.

  • No passenger is allowed to carry a cartridge or printer more than 16 oz.

  • To carry a weapon or ammunition on an Alaska Airlines flight, the passengers need to provide the required documents and can only carry it on the checked baggage.

  • Only a specified amount of alcohol is allowed to be carried on checked baggage.

If you still have any doubts or questions about the airline, then you can reach out to customer service, and they will provide the information. To get more details, head to their official website.


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