Usher the new era for Qantas Long Haul Flights: Project Sunrise.

Developing or developed, all technologies are categorized as one of them. However, with the current descendant approach towards fuel saving and converting sustainable energy, all new automations are once again subject to redevelopment. Hence, to improve the era of connectivity and your in-flight travel experience for long-haul journeys, Qantas has introduced the new substantial aircraft, A350-1000ULR. 

The onset of this arrival in the Qantas aircraft family will lead to new connection routes as well as leading opportunities.

What planes do Qantas use for long-haul flights?

Qantas operates from all across Australia in their Airbus A330, Airbus A380, Boeing 737 and Boeing 787 for connecting passengers to the global grounds outside of the continent. All are designed to serve different purposes:

  1. Airbus A330- Subsided with luxury and extra preferred seats for an extravagant travel experience, an Airbus A330 is serving comfort as a part of the Qantas Fleet. 

  2. Airbus A380- Total 12 Airbus A380 are currently flying as a part of Qantas fleet for international flights. The seating, food, and other amenities always skim through the excellent customer reviews for Qantas. Operating from Sydney and Melbourne, the A380 is the only full-length double-deck jet airliner challenging the business of Boeing 737 in the long-haul market.

  3. Boeing 737- Qantas Economy and business class experience at Boeing 737 also consists of an adjustable headrest and a back-seat entertainment touch screen.

  4. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner- The existing most advanced long-haul aircraft at Qantas currently, is spacious and faster than the other aircraft.

However, Qantas believes that there is always scope for improvement for all the provided services. Hence, to improve their customer experience, Qantas has introduced new wide-body twin-engine jet airliner aircraft for long-haul flights-


The aircraft comes with a 20.000-liter center fuel tank within the wing box, providing it with an average speed of 9.700 nautical miles/18.000 kilometers. The aircraft is thriving to get on well in the international business due to its acceptable tank capacity with such incredible speed that it is made for long-haul travels. This chain is strictly inculcated to induce new international travel routes for Australia under the impression of Project Sunshine. You can fly to almost every corner of the world with these non-stop aircraft starting from Australia. They’ll even cover the east coast for further coverage. 

Do not assume that Qantas will avoid your leisure and comfort for the highly efficient characteristics. In fact, more than 40% of the aircraft’s seating area is included in the preferred seatings as per the premium services provided at Qantas Airways.

Qantas Airways chose the A350-1000ULR as a part of their fleet instead of Singapore’s A350-900ULR for enunciating Project Sunrise due to the capacity it offers. An A350-1000ULR can fly 238 passengers at once, provided the fact that the majority comprises business or first class. 

Conclusion- Qantas has been given priority by the majority of the passengers for international flight bookings as per their customer reviews. Hence, the constant improvement approach is helping Qantas develop trust in the new market, which goes long back for their general customers. 

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