What should I do if my luggage is 1 kg overweight?-Luggage Policies

While traveling to any selected destination with airlines, there are specific policies that a customer needs to follow, and luggage policies are one of them. According to those policies, if your carry-on baggage is one kg overweight, you will need to send that baggage through checked baggage, but if your carry-on luggage is 1 kg overweight, you will need to pay certain charges. The overweight charges. The overweight charges will vary depending on the route, destination, etc. However, in most airlines, you must pay between 15 USD to 20 USD per kg for overweight baggage. To avoid these charges, you must carry your luggage as per the airline's allowance. Still, certain airlines refuse to carry overweight carry-on luggage, so you can check these things out by looking at the airline website. 

What are the luggage policies of Airlines?

Having information about luggage policies is essential as it will help you to know what is allowed by the airlines, restricted items, luggage weight, etc. The luggage policies will vary according to the class of bookings, fare types, etc. If you do not have information about these luggage policies, then you must go through the below. 

  • For standard class: Most airlines allow customers to carry one carry-on bag whose weight must be under 07 kg and whose dimensions must be such that it can easily fit in the low seat space or upper head bin. Customers are also allowed to carry one piece of checked baggage, which must be under 23 kg.

  • For business class: Business class travelers are allowed to carry two carry-on bags, which must be under 7 kg. If the weight exceeds this, you will need to send the bag with checked luggage. The checked baggage allowance is for two bags, which must be under 28 kg.

  • For Premium class: Premium class customers are allowed to take two carry-on bags, which must be under 10 kg. They can also carry three checked bags, which must be under 32 kg. If the number of bags exceeds, the customer will need to pay the extra baggage fee.

  • For Special luggage: Customers who want to carry special luggage such as sports equipment, wheelchairs, walkers, etc., can do that, but the weight of the luggage should be under 10 kg, and it must fit with their carry-on luggage. If the dimensions are exceeded, the customer will need to send the special luggage with checked baggage or cargo.

  • Prohibited items: Certain items are banned or not allowed by the airlines, such as explosives, flammable items, sharp objects, cigarettes, corrosive material, dry ice, poison, firearms, batteries, liquids, tools, and chemical substances.

How much does it cost to carry luggage?

The charges that a customer needs to pay to carry luggage will vary depending on the number of bags and travel class. However, they will need to pay around 50 USD for the first bag, 70 USD for the second bag, and 100 USD for every other bag. Customers can avoid paying these charges if they make the payments through miles or if they are members of a frequent flier program. 


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