Which European countries permit restriction free entry for American

The two years of the Covid virus outbreak have practically brought the modern world to a halt. Almost all international flights were banned, and most nations even imposed a stay-at-home mandate on their citizens to defeat the spread of the vicious infection. Amidst such chaos that one would have heard only in the narrations of history books, all forms of tourism and travel were banned, barring flights for medical purposes.

Today, the Covid infection has seemingly fizzled out, and a world that used to run ferociously is trying to find its feet again. Many countries are gradually relaxing the travel restrictions while other nations have already scrapped all restrictions. With the onset of the second quarter of this year, for those asking “Can Americans Travel To Europe?” it would be pleasant to know that many European countries have opened up for Americans.

List of European countries permit restriction-free entry now for Americans

Around ten countries have opened their borders for restriction-free entry within the last month or so. The list of the European countries which have done so is:

  • Denmark

All Corona virus-related restrictions have been lifted by the Denmark Government as of 29 March 2022. Any American citizen visiting Denmark would not need to show a vaccination certificate or other forms of Covid documents to enter Denmark.

  • Iceland

Iceland was the first of the countries which removed Covid travel restrictions completely. All travelers can enter Iceland without any Covid related documents.

  • Hungary

All restrictions due to Covid have been removed by Hungarian authorities as of 7 March 2022, including travel regulations too. You don’t need a vaccination certificate or any other documents.

  • Poland

The Republic of Poland lifted all restrictions on travel on 28 March 2022. One doesn’t require any proof of their Covid history and can readily travel to Poland.

  • Sweden

The Swedish government has already scrapped all Covid related travel rules for international travelers as of 1 April 2022. The rules had already been lifted for European travelers in February, but now Americans can also travel to Sweden without any concerns.

  • The United Kingdom

As of 18 March 2022, the United Kingdom lifted all travel sanctions due to covid, and anyone, regardless of being vaccinated or not, can travel to the U.K.

  • Ireland

Ireland also recently joined the group of European countries that have opened up their shores for all international travelers regardless of their Covid related data. The Irish authorities have removed all Covid rules regarding traveling on 6 March 2022.

  • Norway

Norway was early on removing all travel sanctions due to Covid. The country lifted all Covid rules as of 12 February 2022 and was among the first of the European Union countries to do so.

  • Netherlands

Travelers reaching the Netherlands do not need to show any certificate related to vaccination as of 23 March 2022.

  • Latvia

As of 1 April 2022, Latvia has removed all Covid protocols for travel for international passengers except for those traveling from third countries.

  • Slovenia

Slovenia removed all Covid related regulations upon travel on 19 February 2022. There are no special conditions linked to Covid for traveling to Slovenia

  • Romania

The Romanian borders were opened for all international travelers on 9 March 2022. American citizens can travel to Romania without carrying any Covid test or certificate of vaccination.

Americans traveling to any of these countries can do so without the need for any negative Covid test report, recovery document, or vaccination certificate. One would only need to carry regular traveling documents and proofs like passports. Wearing masks is not mandatory, and public gatherings are allowed in these states now. All kinds of tourists spots and other services like restaurants, pubs, and cinemas have also been opened to full capacity. Americans can also visit the Schengen countries now. All of this information can answer “Can Americans Travel To Europe?”

What restrictions are still imposed by the other European countries?

The rest of the European nations still have a few regulations, but they are also working towards establishing regular travel norms.

  • A passenger traveling from America would be required to show any of these documents - A vaccination certificate, a Covid recovery document, or a negative rapid antigen test within the last 48 hours. One can also use a negative PCR report within the previous 72 hours.

  • Americans flying from internationally declared “safe zones” can gain entry without any documents.

  • The American citizens who have a permanent residence or can provide an urgent reason for their travel can also be permitted to enter.

  • Those who cannot be categorized under any of the above reasons can be asked to quarantine on arrival or may face a travel ban depending on other factors.

  • Countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Cyprus still have a few Covid travel restrictions. These restrictions would also be lifted in the near future.

Thus, the traveling restrictions are now being gradually lifted worldwide, and after a period of two years of isolation and restraints, Americans can joyfully travel to their European destinations just ahead of Easter.


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