Which is better Option Air India or United Airlines?-Air India Vs United

Suppose you are flying to any particular destination and have no idea whether to make a reservation with Air India or United Airlines. In that case, it depends upon the services and the amenities you are looking for. For more information on the airline, you can connect with their customer service, and the executive will assist you with the details.

Difference between Air India and United Airlines

To get more information on Air India Vs United Airlines, you can go through the given points as it will make it easier for you to understand the difference on the basis of their services:

  • Ticket price

Air India surely isn't a low-cost airline, and the ticket prices are reasonable because you can book a direct flight to your preferred destination to save more time and enjoy the premium services and comfortable seats. The airline also provides different deals and offers to book the flight at a discounted price.

But if you compare the prices to United Airlines, then you will notice that Air India is cheaper for any preferred destination in any class. The main reason for United's high prices is an increase in fuel price, and the airline is very popular, so it rarely experiences low passenger traffic, which is why it never needed to lower the price.

  • Destinations

Currently, Air India operates to more than 80 destinations, including domestic and international flights in around 30 countries. You can book a direct flight to your preferred destination through phone calls and the official website.

Whereas United Airlines services over 300 destinations (200+ Domestic and 100+ International destinations) in 70 different countries. You can go to their website to learn about the current flight prices.

  • Baggage Allowance

 The baggage allowance in Air India depends upon the cabin class and on the brand you have booked the flight ticket. An Economy passenger can carry up to 2 free baggage with a maximum weight of 23kg.

While United Airlines Economy passengers can only carry one free checked baggage with not more than 23 kg of weight. If you want to carry an extra baggage, then the fee is much higher as compared to Air India.

  • Onboard Amenities

The airline provides several onboard services with comfortable seats, movie screens, Food & beverages, and many more. Whenever you book an international flight with Air India, you will be welcomed with a complimentary meal and drink.

If you make a reservation with United Airlines, then you will be able to enjoy all the services mentioned above. Still, the airline also offers wifi to its passengers during the flight. To enjoy the wifi services, the passenger has to pay some relevant charges.

  • Customer service

Air India offers 24/7 customer service assistance, but if you try to contact the airline through a phone call, you will get on hold for a few hours or receive late replies from the executive. Somehow, if you do get connected with someone, then their response might not leave you satisfied.

When it comes to customer service, United Airlines is slightly better than Air India. If you do not get a response through one method, then you try to connect using an alternative mode, and someone will get back to you with an answer.


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