Why are flights to Toronto so expensive Right Now?

Toronto is a city in Ontario famous for its business, entertainment, and culture. Suppose you want to visit the city and while making the reservation you notice that the price of the flights to the city is comparatively high. Canada is indeed among one of the most expensive countries when it comes to airfares. There are various reasons why flights to Toronto are expensive, which are discussed here.

Reason for Toronto’s expensive flights:

Lack of competition, Missing Budgeted Airlines, High Taxes and Fees, High Operating Cost, Fewer International Agreements, Major Attraction for the People and The Canadian mode are the few reasons of expensive flight for Toronto.

Various reasons affect the price of the flights. Some of them are discussed here:

  1. Lack of competition- Competition among companies is a major factor determining the price. However, Toronto’s passengers are missing this because there are not many airlines offering their services in the city, and thus, it allows the airlines to raise the price as they wish. 

  2. Missing Budgeted Airlines- In most countries, you get budget airlines that offer flights at a reasonable rate. But if you are flying to Toronto Canada, you might have to spend more on flight tickets because there are not many budget airlines you will get in Canada. There are now some airlines available that provide low-cost flight tickets.

  3. High Taxes and Fees- The taxes and other rents imposed by the Government on the airlines are very high when compared to other parts of the world. The Airlines have to recover this cost to run their services. They further transfer this cost to their passengers, raising the final price of the flight tickets.

  4. High Operating Cost- Some factors cannot be controlled by the airlines. There is a high cost of labor, fees, and fuel cost that airlines have to bear. They again pass this cost to their passengers by raising the ticket price to Toronto.

  5. Fewer International Agreements- An agreement between two countries allows the airlines to offer their services in each other’s countries. However, Canada has made this agreement with very few countries around the world, which restricts most airlines from around the globe from setting up their business in Toronto City. Thus, again due to less number of flights offering their services in the city drops, the level of competition. This creates a high demand with less supply, and the airline raises ticket fares.

  6. Major Attraction for the People- Toronto is a city filled with opportunities and highly rich in its culture. This attracts the passenger to the city from around the world. This finally creates a high demand for flight tickets, and thus, it results in raising the price of flight tickets. 

  7. The Canadian model- Most of the airport in Canada is owned by the Government; it is one of the biggest revenue models for the Government, with whom they are not ready to compromise. The Canadian Government charges high rents, fees, and taxes from the airports, and airports further pass this amount to the airlines. The Airlines finally transfer this cost to their passengers by issuing them tickets at a higher price. 

Bottom Line

Flying business is never too cheap for anyone, but one can minimize their expenses by following certain basic tips like booking their flight in advance or taking the help of a low-fare calendar. However, before booking any flight, gather complete information about the airline through their customer service.


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