Waiting Time is Long: Why is Delta Airlines not answering calls?

There are multiple reasons why passengers still need to get their call answered from Delta. Let's start with the explanation with the most basic reason, i.e., from where all of this started. Delts started to face tons of calls after covid as many people were canceling their flights or requesting a reschedule so it can happen that you did not get any answer from the airline. There could be network issues as well as. There was a lot of staff shedding, too, as no one was earning any profit in any particular field of business. Nevertheless, these issues are not prevailing, but the issue is still the same. People still need help resolving their issues with the Delta Airline customer service team. The airline has given them other options to connect with the customer service team, the steps for which are given below. 

Other ways to get quick assistance from Delta if waiting time is long

The other ways to connect with the Delta Airlines customer service team and get the best possible assistance are explained below for you.

  • Try the Online Method Instead if Call is Busy from Long time

People can also connect with the customer service representative online by visiting the official website or using the Delta Mobile App. They can find the live chat option on the official website after they reach out to the contact page, or they can also fill out the contact form. The airline's call lines seem busy, which is why they will get the revert over to your registered email address with the airline. 

  • Drop a Text to the Delta agent If waiting time is long

Travelers can also opt for the 'Message us' option and get their query registered to the customer service representative for the airline. They can find the option on the official website only, where first they have to look for click on the given option of 'Message Us' and give a description of their query in a brief yet informative manner. Once it's done, the agent will connect with you to provide you with the best possible assistance. 

  • Learn to use social media in your favor If waiting time is long

As the number of requests for assistance grew during the outset of the pandemic, Delta discontinued its popular Twitter direct message support tool. And, despite guarantees that it would return, there is little indication that it will do so anytime soon.

But there is still a way to get into Delta's DMs: mention them in a tweet about your problem first. When you mention @Delta on Twitter, they will frequently open their direct messages and answer privately. Or you can also opt to get onto their other social media handles. This is a significantly faster way to contact Delta, especially if your matter is really urgent.

Contact the Singapore Support Center as an alternatively

Singapore, you heard it right, Delta operates a dedicated customer service call center in Singapore. There may be a minor language barrier, but the call center agents are exceptionally well-trained and competent. Most notably, call wait times are significantly reduced. Even in the midst of the pandemic, I was usually able to reach an agent within a few minutes.

To avoid costly international costs, use a service like Google Voice or Skype to call them. The Delta Singapore call center can be reached at +65 6336 3371.


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